3 Great Tips for Photographing Your Newborn Baby

tips for newborn photography
This article is written by Hoffmann Photographer for ChinnyLuLu Newborn Designs:


3 great tips for photographing your newborn baby


1)   Get down on their level – This is a pretty solid and well taught rule for photographing babies and children of all ages. Whoever is looking at your photograph will appreciate looking into the eyes of your subject at an even level. Of course there are always exceptions and you can get really great pictures from many different angles, but to increase your “good” photo selection go ahead and get down on “eye” level with your subject. With this one tip you’ll get better photos right away.

2)   Use natural light when shooting indoors – Direct window light is a really nice, soft light for newborn babies. If you use a flash indoors it is much more likely that you will have hard shadows and washed out skin tones. Try to stand with your back to the window and have your baby’s face towards the light. Be careful – don’t create a shadow over the baby when you are standing in front of the window.

3)   Review and critique your photos! – Look at your photos afterwards and critique yourself! Come up with some ideas for next time – move in closer, move back, turn the camera to vertical, watch out for certain shadows, how about the same exact framing but with the focus on a different area, remove some clutter from the frame, change the background, etc.


Above all, taking pictures is FUN and it is ART. Enjoy yourself!


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