4 Ways to Soothe a Newborn

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4 Effective Ways to Soothe a Newborn Baby!

In my experience as a mother and also working with newborn babies, it’s a great idea to have a quiver full of soothing tools. Outside of the immediate three needs for a newborn – diaper change, feeding, sleep – the following ideas are actually an attempt to mimic the mother’s womb. Mom’s belly has been the safest place the baby has known . . .

1) Rocking – I like to rock the baby in my arms back and forth rather quickly, almost bouncing the baby. Try to imagine a baby inside Mommy’s tummy while walking around, moving, etc. Of course this motion can also be done with a wide variety of motion swings and bouncers that are available.
2) White noise – The most obvious white noise that the baby knows is the beating of a heart. I actually downloaded the beating heart sound as an app on my iPhone. While I am working with babies, the heart beat is right next to the baby’s head. Another simple white noise sound is “shushing” into the baby’s ear. Your soothing sound and calming behavior usually puts them at ease. Sounds of water rushing or wave movement is another great one.
3) Swaddling – I’ve always found swaddling very tightly comforts a newborn baby to no end. It takes a little practice to get a nice tight swaddle, but it’s just like being in the womb – a very tight and safe space.
4) Warmth – Newborns have a different temperature range than adults. If we think it is room temperature, they will still feel a little bit chilly. We keep our newborn studio temperature between 85-90 degrees – uncomfortable for adults, but little babies love it!!

If you feel like getting a little crazy, go ahead and combine all these tips into one BIG newborn soothe by doing them all at the same time!!

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