Essentials for Your Newborn Shoot

When you are photographing newborn babies it is best to have all the essentials you could possibly need nearby. You don’t want to be scrambling to find things when “accidents” happen, when you need some filler material or additional heat. I like to keep a three-tiered rolling cart nearby our shooting area. The cart is made from plastic stackable bins and is easy and quick to move around.

The top tray is plentifully stocked with burping clothes, baby wipes, swaddle wraps and additional towels to stuff under blankets and around the baby when necessary for better posing.

The second tray is stocked with paper towels, tissues, antibacterial gel, and pee pads. ** We put pet pee pads in between our props/bean bags and blankets. This helps minimize clean up **

And finally on the lower tray is different space heaters, heating pads, strip plug and extension chord.

It will be a world of difference having this cart nearby while shooting, promise! 🙂


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