FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ page will answer almost every question that you have about newborn photography sessions with ChinnyLuLu! As a client it is extremely helpul for you to review this page along with our other informational pages.

1.  How old are the newborns you typically photograph?
—It is ideal to photograph newborns between 4-10 days. During this time the baby sleeps 20+ hours a day and remains in a wonderful ‘curl’ from the womb. After 10 days the baby starts to push their limbs out a little and are awake for longer periods of time. If your baby is older than 10 days don’t get discouraged! Give us a call! The session will likely take a little bit longer but we still get amazing photos. 🙂

2. Will you come to my home for the newborn photo session?
— We do NOT travel for newborn sessions. Since we have a large amount of props, reflectors and backdrops it is not feasible to travel.

3. May I take pictures during the newborn photo shoot with my phone?
—It’s best NOT to distract us so we can we focus on styling the sets and getting the best possible pictures of your baby. Sit back, relax, read a book/kindle, take a much needed nap, etc. You are also welcome to connect to our wi-fi.

4. How many people may I bring to the photo shoot?
—Space is limited. We have just enough room for Mom, Dad and baby.

5. How long are the newborn photo shoots?
—Our goal is to create 3 sets with your baby. This takes anywhere from 1.5 – 3 hours. It is important for you to arrive on time or early to the session. Please bring a book, ipad, kindle, laptop, etc. High speed Wi-Fi is available for your convenience.

6. What is the temperature in the studio area?
—We keep our studio warm, between 75-80F. This is one of many techniques we use to keep your baby cozy and sleeping.

7. I saw a particular pose (or set design) that I would like you do with my newborn, is that possible?
—We can try our best for certain poses and sets, but ultimately your baby is in control of the session and Chin-Lu likes to try her best to make each session unique. We always begin with a set of ideas, but quite often we have to be flexible depending on your baby’s sleep habits, feeding schedule and personality. As well, not all newborns are “moldable” for certain positions based on weight, age, flexibility, and body structure. As for props, we are constantly switching out props and adding new ones to keep sessions unique,fresh, and new.

8. May I bring any props that are sentimental?
—Yes! We love for you to bring any unique props – letters, clothing, baseball glove, stuffed animals, etc. It will make your pictures much more personal. We will work your props into the sets when possible and let you know if something will not work.

9. What happens if my baby urinates or has bowel movements?
—This is completely normal and expected. Please sit back, relax, and let us handle everything.

10. What happens if my baby starts crying or gets fussy?
—It’s completely NORMAL for your baby to wake up during the photo session and sometimes get a little fussy. We continue to work through their fuss with warmth, a little rocking and a bit of patience. Your baby will likely require a feeding at some point during the session and this usually solves the more dramatic fussiness issues. At that point we will all take a break and you will be able to give your baby a full feeding or if you bottle feed, Chin-Lu is happy to feed your baby.

11. What if my baby gets hungry during the shoot?
—It’s important that we start the photo session with a “full” baby. If you live within 15 minutes of our studio then you can feed your baby at home. However, if you live more than 15 minutes from our studio then we request that you feed upon arrival, 30 minutes prior to your session start time.  We will likely take a feeding break at some point during the photo session and you will be able to give your baby another full feeding.

12. Is there a session fee and is it refundable?
—The session fee is $550 and is non-refundable. We have limited sittings and are often completely booked. The session fee is due prior to your photo shoot to reserve that allotted time for you.

13. If I have to cancel my photo session, can I reschedule?
— Because we have a very small window to photograph your newborn baby (ideally the first 4-10 days) we will likely be unable to reschedule your newborn session. We have limited openings and will only have one (1) chance to complete the photo session. We do not double book time slots and will be expecting you to arrive on time or early for your session.

14. May I purchase any of the digital files?
—If you would like to purchase just a few of the digital files, you may do so after meeting a minimum print order of $800. If you would like to purchase all of the digital files without making a product purchase, you may purchase the entire set of digital files for $1,995.

15.  Are there any restrictions on the digital files after I purchase them?
—Purchasing the digital files gives the client reproduction rights to the images for personal use only. The client may use the digital files to create prints, canvas, books, and other personal use items at their own expense. Client is prohibited from altering, selling, publishing or disseminating said images for any purposes other than for personal use. Client may not use the digital files for monetary gain, income, editorial display, or publication.

16.  Will I be able to post images on Facebook?
—You may socially post any picture that you purchase with the “Chinnylulu” logo on it.  No pictures may be posted without our logo or direct link to our site.

17.  Is there a minimum product order?
—Yes, it is $1200.00

18.  Do you do maternity portraits?
—We specialize in creating styled sets for newborn babies, we do not offer maternity sessions.

19. Why does it cost an extra $100-$250 to photograph twins or triplets?
—We have photographed several sets of twins and triplets. It takes double or triple the time, energy, and extra hands for the photos you see to be delivered.

20. Can I decide on color themes and props?
—You may suggest color themes or props, but ultimately Chin-Lu is the creative director and designer of the photo shoot. Clients who hire us typically want her to design the entire photo shoot including all accessories and props.

21. I saw these cute pictures and props on Pinterest. Can you recreate that picture?
—We are able to recreate the picture if the style and design goes along with our brand. If we do not have the props in our inventory, you are welcome to purchase them at your expense. [Please note that we may NOT be able to use certain props due to your baby’s sleeping habits, size, and temperament.]

22. Can I take a photo with my baby?
—Absolutely! Those are add-on’s for $275 and called “mini family portrait.”

23. Can I meet Chin-Lu prior to our photoshoot?
—We do not meet our clients before the scheduled shoot. Communication is accomplished primarily through telephone and email. If you have questions regarding this policy please take time to review our extensive positive feedback on newborn photographer. Thank you for understanding.

24. What if I end up delivering earlier or later than my due date? What happens to my photo session appointment?
—Once your baby’s session is reserved with a non-refundable deposit we have carved out a time slot for your family – early or late. We have never missed a baby session.

25. Are unedited, raw image files available?

26. What if we are late?
—If you are late to the photo session we will start when you arrive, however, it is highly likely that you will receive fewer images in the final selection.

27. Do we get to watch the photo session?
—Visibility is somewhat obstructed by backdrops and reflectors, but the seating/relaxation area and studio are all part of one great room.

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