Top 3 Newborn Photography Props

Regarding our newborn photography, I love the constant search for new props or reinventing old ones. People often ask what my favorite props are when it comes to photographing our precious newborns. It is difficult to boil it down to just three, but if I had to pick they would be: hats, fabrics, and doll beds.

1. Hats – Hats includes beanies, knitted beanies, or crochet beanies.  I love these crafty little hats.  Not only do they keep the newborn’s head warm, it adds warm fuzzies to the photo.  For example, a girl could have a knitted hat with a large silk flower attached to it.  A boy could have an elf hat.  The different types of hats are endless.  No matter where you find custom hats for newborn babies – Etsy, your mother-in-law :), or through 100 other internet sites – I love that they are all handmade with love.

2.  Fabrics – There is a huge diversity when it comes to fabrics and plenty of different uses.  How many different types of prints are there? Textures? Sizes? Shapes? The sky is the limit. Not only can you use the fabric as a backdrop, you may also use fabric to wrap the newborn, or to lay the newborn on, or layer the fabrics.

3.  Doll Beds –  I could never get tired of using the doll beds.  It is so fun to decorate each bed according to the sex of the baby.  There are so many different themes to be played out.  The doll bed can be made vintage, modern, or country.  Love it!

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