Brandon Tadashi & Kenji Michael | 4 days old

You will swoon over these amazing twin brothers. They came to us at just 4 days old. I am truly amazed when mom’s get themselves together just to get their itty bitty newborns to an important photoshoot. Through both my kids, I can say I was not walking around when my babies were 4 days old so huge props to my AMAZING supermom clients. Mr. Brandon Tadashi and Kenji Michael were as perfect as can be. They snoozed through the entire shoot, probably because they were so new. 🙂 They made me literally wish I had twins because they were so easy.
I thought to myself, I could have 2 if they were like this….haha!
Enjoy these little dreamboats. They’re so beautiful. These twin newborn brothers are so blessed to have a best friend for life.

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