What to Expect During your Newborn Photography Session

What to Expect during your Newborn Photography Session

After you arrive at our comfortable home studio, Chin-Lu will handle and work with your baby for the entirety of the portrait session. Chin-Lu is a seasoned Mom and “baby whisperer.” You will be extremely surprised and pleased at how your newborn responds to Chin-Lu and the warm studio environment.

Since your newborn will be naked most of the time, we use heating pads and space heaters to keep your baby really warm during the photoshoot. The studio area is kept at about 85-90 degrees.

Newborn portrait sessions typically last 2- 3 hours as we are intent on creating 3-4 sets for your baby. Please be prepared to stay for that duration of time. Your newborn is the star of the photo shoot and he/she will dictate the timing of it all so patience is essential. You are welcome to use our wireless internet connection, bring a book/Kindle, or just fall asleep on the comfortable couch!

It is entirely normal and natural for your baby to urinate or have bowel movements during the photo session. Please do not feel embarrassed or feel inclined to “rush in” and clean up. We have precautions in place (and lots of wet wipes). It is our job to take care of this. It is your job to sit back, relax, and have a nice time. 🙂

We will work through a certain amount of set and prop changes. We have lots of ideas and are always flexible based on the personality and demeanor of your newborn.

Thank you for trusting ChinnyLuLu Designs with your newborn baby pictures!! We are thrilled and blessed to have the opportunity to document your precious angel and to create styled art for your home!!

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