White Noise Ideas for Newborn Photography

White noise is one of the many tools in our tool belt that we use to soothe the newborn baby during a photography session. Wikipedia defines this as noise containing many frequencies with equal intensities. . . .

During each session we always do two important things:

1. One iPhone goes wherever the baby is with the sound of a heartbeat playing. For example, the iPhone is in the fabric stuffing inside or around the prop and is placed right next to the baby. We use the heartbeat white noise to mimic one of the comforting sounds that the baby has heard for many months in its mother’s womb. Very important!
2. Another iPhone is used to play relaxing music nearby OR the sound of the ocean. The music is obviously not white noise and is more of a source for the photographers relaxation. However, the sound of the ocean is a great baby soother.

When the baby is in the comfort of their mother’s womb they are listening to sounds all day long – television, music, talking, the swishing of the amniotic fluid, blood rushing, dogs barking, Mom’s heartbeat, etc. Constant sounds that remind the newborn of comfort, peace, love and nourishment.

Try these two tricks and I promise your newborn will stay calm for much longer!


Recent Newborn Photography Shoots by ChinnyLuLu Designs:

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